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Thursday, February 3, 2011


 As some of you know I struggle with binging from time to time.  Well, I have to confess that the last 2 nights I was out of control.  I gave a challenge to my Facebook group to not binge for a whole week, last week. I was great and in control and I rocked the challenge. But being a new week I fell off that wagon HARD.  It wasn't big like I have done in the past with ice cream and cake and cookies and milk or half a bag of chips etc, but I was out of control. It started with a Lite bonnie bell cheese...then 3 or 4 low fat BBQ chips...then a small bowl of low fat baked cheezy straws...then a W/W candy then I ended up with a nutter butter peanut butter cookie. (Both nights) Most of the stuff was low fat and if I added up the points I would still have been within the 49 extra points that W/W allows but it's just the fact that I was not in control. Why do I do this???? There must be something eating me that's making me eat.  My inner child was screaming at me and I gave in to the spoiled little brat both nights. Why can't I be strong...why do I revert back to the old ways.  I can give great advice to everyone else but why can't I help myself???   I really don't want to spoil all the good I have done so by writting all this down and being accountable to all of you I'm hoping that it will help next time the "child" starts nagging me.  Thanks for listening and any helpful comments are greatly appreciated!
 Now, I am off to my Nordictrack!


  1. Kathy, Don't beat yourself up. I call what you did controlled binging. I see that you know the number of chips you had, that you measured the cheese straws in a bowl and that you were able to end things. This is the very reason WW writes the extra 49 points into their plan. And if you didn't go over them, you can consider yourself perfectly on plan. Real binging is sitting down with a gallon of ice-cream and a bag of potato chips and not realizing how much you are eating until it's all gone. You have acknowledged it and now you are ready to write it down and go on - GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    Have a great day,

  2. I did write it down after the fact but it wasn't planned. But you are right it was controlled. I used to do the "real" binging so I guess I have made progress. Thanks for helping me to realize it and also thanks for the support...it means alot to me!!


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