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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!!

I came home tonight from work and there was a plate of freshly baked double chocolate chunk cookies, that my hubby made, on the counter .  I immediately helped myself to the delicious treat with the thought in the back of my head that I will take a 3 point hit for it.  It was so worth it!!!  Then I got to thinking just how many points it really was so I dug the package out of the trash....it was right on top...and when I calculated it it was indeed 3 points but the bonus was that the serving size was 2 cookies.  I am enjoying my 2nd cookie as I type this and guilt free because I have so many points left over for the week.  I promise that it will be the last one.....tonight anyway...tee hee hee!!!   It is a rare treat though and something I definately wouldn't eat every day.

Didn't do any formal exercise today but did spend half an hour playing with the Kinect. (Outdoor Adventures)  I worked up quite a sweat and feel like I got a good workout in while having so much fun.  What a wonder this new technology is!!  I also made my 10,000 steps today again thanks to my job.  It consists of a lot of walking, bringing the product from department to department stuff like that. 

I gotta get to bed now as I have a 5K to walk/jog tomorrow for the "Bloggers Healthy Heart Weekend Challenge"  I am greatful to have a healthy heart now but it wasn't always the case.  I suffered with Wolfe Parkinson's White Syndrome for many years since I was a pre-teen till I was 35 years old.  I had frequent and sudden tackycardia attacks during that time in my life and it was a very scary thing.  At 35 I underwent a radio frequency cardiac ablasion on my heart and I was cured.  I thank God for that technology and for my Dr. who performed the procedure. I am almost 51 now and I am thankful everyday that I have a normal functioning heart and that I am capable of doing normal exercise without the fear of those attacks.  I have been given a great gift and I intent on taking good care of my healthy heart!!  So off to bed now for me...night all!

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