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Thursday, February 17, 2011

50 miles already!!!

12 days ago I started wearing my pedometer and challenged myself to walk 500 miles this year.  I already have walked over 50 miles.  I am trying to get my 10,000 steps in each day. Sometimes I don't make it but most days I do.  Some days I far exceed that goal so it all averages out. I think that I will easily make the 500 miles if I keep going like I have. I will have to set a record to break next year.  Man I am really thinking ahead now!!! 

On another point...do any of you have days when you just feel really....how should I say it....fat all over again??  I mean you know you have lost weight and for weeks you felt so thin and happy then  BAM all of a sudden you just wake up feeling....fat.  Now the scale does not reflect any weight gain but in my mind I'm feeling like I did before I lost 16 lbs.  Is it our mind trying to play games with us...what makes me feel this way...am I the only one who gets that way??  I still have a spare tire around my middle and it just seems so pronounced all of a sudden.  Maybe it's because I am fitting into a size smaller and now the spare has no where to hide???  I don't know.  Any comments?


  1. HI Kathy
    I feel like that the past few days but yet the scale said I lost, WHo knows?? I just keep working and it should all catch up.


  2. You'll have "walked across the United States" before you know it!!


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