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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big storm....right???

So how did everyone fair with the BIG STORM?  It wasn't as bad here in Southern NH as they had predicted.  I was all set to stay home and stay warm and cozy.  I work 2nd shift and the radar was showing that the storm was clearing out of our area by 2:00ish pm so I decided to brave it and head to work.  Actually the roads were worse on Tuesday going to work then they were yesterday.  We didn't get even close to the 18 to 24 inches they said at first...thank God!!!  Now another one is predicted for Saturday
 At least we are supposed to have an early Spring this year so the groundhog says. 
That much closer to riding my bike again...oh bike how I miss you.  Speeding along with the warm wind in my face and the fresh air in my lungs!!  Spring can't come soon enough for me!!


  1. We got socked good here in chicagoland. TOok me & 2 of my teen age boys 1.5 hours to clear the driveway. Good cardio!

    Lets hope the g'hog is right!

  2. We got 14 inches here in Belvidere Il. So I got my exercise in also LOL


  3. The storm was good for all that cardio it gave us shoveling....Every dark cloud has a silver lining. :-)


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