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Thank you to all my weight loss friends!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weigh in results.

Weighed in yesterday and gained .4 lbs :-(   but not to worry...I'm all geared up for a better week!!! After all it wasn't even half a pound...maybe muscle fluid from my last minute workout. LOL 
(Or maybe I shouldn't have indulged the binge monster one night this week.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Half way there!!!

I hit the half way mark on my goal to walk 500 miles this year.  I'm at 254.6 miles as of today.  I will get there!!!  I think I will even go over it a little too!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I lost 2.4 lbs this week. I'll take it!!!  Been keeping my binges under control for the most part and got in alot of exercise this week.  I tried cutting down on the amount of carbs I have daily and that seems to be helping to keep the binge monster at bay.  Onward and upward!!!  Another week ahead and I will make it a success!!
Have a great one everyone!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost there!!!

Walked 11,434 steps in total today, that equals 5.7 miles...no wonder I'm so tired tonight. I made my 10,000....Yeah!!! Boy you really have to work at it to get in those recommended 10,000 steps for the whole day!!!
If you look at my mile ticker, you will see that I am almost to the half way mark of my goal.  Some time this weekend I will hit it I'm sure!!!  Off to bed now...I'm tired!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


My diet is working!!! I weighed in today and lost 5.6 lbs....very pleased with myself !!! Worked very hard all week for that!!!  I tracked everythng I ate except for Friday night when I went out for Chinese food with my hubby but I hadn't used any extra points all week so I guess that saved me.  I drank tons of water all week and did 30 mins of aerobics each day and some strength training thrown in there a couple of days too.  I'm back in the groove now I hope I can stay there this time!!! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walk 500 miles!!!

I walked 3.9 miles today for 8202 steps. Went grocery shopping then did a double walk around the neighborhood. Then worked out on my bowflex.  It's my last chance workout before my weigh in tomorrow. Hope it is a happy one.That makes 222.3 miles towards my goal of 500 miles.  Love my new pedometer!!   I just hope this one doesn't decide to go for a swim any time soon...LOL 

I got lots of good healthy foods for my diet today.  Can't decide what I want to eat first!!! 

Wish me luck tomorrow...I'll check in then.
Good night everyone!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Pedometer!!!

I bought my new pedometer today and love it.  It is very basic but is very accurate.  I joined the Walk with Walgreens program (free) on line and got a $5.00 coupon for it and it works great. It is an Omron GOsmart pedometer.  Now I can get back to tracking my 500 miles for the year goal!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scary day at work.

There was a big layoff at my work today.  12 people in all.  I hate layoff days...have been through so many of them over the years.  Lucily I was never layed off but it sucks seeing people you have worked with for years just walked out the door.  You don't even get to say goodbye most of the time. 
It was an emotionally upsetting day but I am not going to turn to food for comfort.  I think I will go to bed and snuggle up to my hubby where I feel safe and warm and secure.  Tomorrow is another day!! 
Was great on plan all day and feeling better because of the execise.  Did 30 mins of brisk walking today.  Might hit the nordictrack tomorrow. 
Night all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So far so good.

2 days on plan.  Off to a good start.  Sat down Sunday night and planned my meals for most of the week.  It is easier for me that way than having to come up with meal ideas on the fly each day.  Have got some good exercise in also each day.  I love bike riding so that is something I do frequently.  I am so sore all over today though.  Probably over did it after doing next to nothing for formal exercise for a few weeks.  I have got to get myself a new pedometer and start tracking my miles again.  My last one ended up falling in the toilet.  I managed to grab it quickly and rinse it off.  It dried out nicely but just doesn't work as well at it was before it went for a swim.  That is the next thing on my list on the next payday. 
I gotta get off to bed now as I am fighting against a binge right now.  This is my binge time...after work and everyone in the house is sleeping and I have all the food to myself.  So I will not give in to it and just go to bed.  I have to strengthen my willpower muscle.  Good night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I've been on a diet break for nearly 3 months now.  I thought I could handle not going to W/Ws meeting and do this by myself...Well I WAS WRONG!!!!  I have gained back all but .6 of what I lost since last October when I started W/Ws.  I am so pissed at myself right now!!!  I gained 18 lbs back.  I just really got away from all of the good habits.  I didn't track my foods,  I had frequent binges and I didn't get much exercise in either.  I got into a funk where I just got sick of it all and didn't care anymore.  Now 18 lbs later I guess I better wake up and start caring again cause I feel like shit...yup I said it SHIT!!! 

Went back to W/Ws this morning and will try and get back into the right mindset again.  Was on program all day and went for a 40 min. bike ride and then later a 30 min. brisk walk.  Off to a good start now I hope it lasts.  So do not want to become that unhealthy person that I will become if I don't get it into gear.  

I need you all to encourage me or give me an old fashioned scolding if that's how you feel.  But please say something to get me back on track no matter how harsh...I deserve it!!!
  So so mad at myself!!!