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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still looking for suggestions!!

I'm still looking for more suggestions for a fab name for my bicycle.  Spring is just around the corner and she needs a name.  I've gotten some really interesting submissions so far but would love to hear some more. 

I didn't make 10,000 steps today, only 7294 or 3.2 miles.  But I didn't do any formal exercise today either.  Mondays are my day to take care of my elderly Aunt who lives alone.  She is 86 and homebound so I go and do her groceries, house cleaning, bills, medications etc. She really should be in a nursing home but is a stubborn one and wants to live alone.  Anyway...after I do that in the morning I have to come home and get my lunch then start getting ready for 8 hours of work.  I just have no time on Monday.  I have dedicated Mondays as my exercise free day.   I did do alot of walking at work though.  Tomorrow I should make my 10,000 easily.  I figured it out today that to make 500 miles this year I would have to average almost 10 miles a week.  That is very doable for me.  So did any of you get a pedometer or dig up one you haven't used in a while.  It really is a great way to see just how much activity you really get in in a day.

Watched the Super Bowl yesterday, mostly to see the new commercials, and had a little slip up.  My son was sitting next to me on the couch with a bag of cheese puffs.  Well I took about two of them for "just a taste"  then my hand kept going into the bag...about 3 or 4 times!!  Finally I asked him to please put them on the other side of him so I couldn't reach.  They were so good though while it lasted.  My Bad!!!  The rest of the week wasn't bad though so I hope my weigh in in the morning will be a happy event.
Off to bed now!!

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