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Friday, February 4, 2011

What shall I name her??? Can you help?

Now that we know Spring is coming earlier this year...so says Mr. Groundhog,  I am dreaming of bike riding.  This brings me to ask for your help in naming my dear friend. If everyone could suggest an appropriate name for my darling bicycle I would be so grateful.  It has to be a  name that would describe the freedom and feeling of life that I get while riding.  Be creative. I will pick my favorite in about a week once I get several names to choose from.  I am excited to see what everyone comes up with.  Won't you please help me name my lovely lady.  She is mostly white with some purple patches here and there as seen in my "during picture" 
Anxiously awaiting your replies!!   :-)


  1. How about Purple Lightening?? Sounds cool to me LOL


  2. How about The Breeze. Like the breeze in your hair when you ride it that makes you feel free. LOL :o)

  3. I would name her, Victoria; the Roman name for Victory.

  4. Desdemona, from "Othello." Okay, she was murdered. But what is important is that she was ALWAYS FAITHFUL in every way--heart, body, words. Like you are faithful to your new way of life.

  5. Now that's something to ponder. :-)


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