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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random thoughts!!

First of all I picked up a magazine this week that is excellent for us dieters.  It's called My Weight Loss and is a special interest magazine by Better Homes and Gardens.  It is bursting with all kinds of diet tips, recipes, motivational stories and quickie workouts for a fast calorie blast.  I especially love the before and after photos of people who have been successful in the "battle of the bulge".  Those really inspire me!  It has some really great info on the latest diet trends,  what works, what doesn't.  I recommend it as a must read for all of us.

on another note:  I taped the Biggest Loser on Tuesday and watched it while I did the treadmill.  I was only going to do 30 mins but ended up doing 45 without even realzing it.  Usually when I do the treadmill I listen to really upbeat music while watching the timer and can't wait for the 30 mins to be up. This made the time really fly for me.  My treadmill is in our garage and we have a TV in there (but not hooked up to cable).  So the VCR is the only input.  Last night I taped American Idol...so that will be for my weekend workout as I still have to finish the Biggest Loser.  Something too make my workouts less boring....yeah!!!

Something the Dr. said on the Biggest Loser today that really made me think:  He said that "Obesity is as much of a disease as Cancer is.  It can be just as aggressive and deadly to us if not treated.  Just as we would seek treatment to cure ourselves of Cancer we should also seek treatment to cure ourselves of obesity".
It is that serious... It really is soooo true!!

OK gotta go!  Have a great day.  Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. Hi
    I came across your blog. I saw the Biggest looser too and that is something to think about. I am starting my weight loss kinda. Nice to meet you and drop by anytime.


  2. I have my weight blog with my dogs blog. Here is my blog address:

  3. I agree with the Dr. completly. I have been fighting weight my entire life and I will for the rest of it too.

  4. I know...it is a lifetime battle, but so worth the fight!!! Never give up!!!


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