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Friday, January 21, 2011

No weigh in this week

I've decided I'm gonna wait till next week to weigh in.  I missed it this week on Tuesday due to the weather but being a lifetime member at Weight Watchers I don't really have to weigh in every week.  I like to because it keeps me on my toes and the meeting gives me that burst of motivation to get through the week.  This week I feel like I'm really motivated and have been on plan all week.  So I'm gonna wait for Tuesday.  I just gotta get through the weekend.  On that note I have to tell myself that it's not OK to eat unplanned food of any kind.  I'm just fooling myself if I think otherwise.  Every BLT (Bite, Lick or Taste) as we call it in W/W has to be accounted for. "if you bite it you write it...if you drink it you ink it"  another W/W saying.  LOL
     Whenever I plan my meals and write down everthing I've eaten everyday I have been very successful at weight loss.  It is an essential tool to get me to my goal. 
   Today I commit to planning my meals, keeping track of every point and sticking to that plan especially on the weekends!!

Quote for the day:
"Those who fail to plan....plan to fail"!!


  1. I am so excited, cuz I lost 5 lbs this week!! Getting ready for a new week now!!
    Have a great day!!


  2. Hi Kathy!
    I see that you are a lifetime member of weight watcher's too! I made my goal weight back in 2008, but, I've gained all but a few pounds of it all back, and now I'm back to relosing those gained pounds once again.. Can be very frustrating for me at times.. I had a pound gain at my weigh in this past Wednesday. I hopefully will have a weight loss next Wednesday. I try to go every week, as it does help me out a whole bunch, by keeping me on my toes like you mention in your post... that's for sure!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving me a kind comment. You're welcome to stop by anytime.

    You are doing great with your weightloss! Keep up the great work Kathy!! I have 24 pounds to lose that would get me back to my original goal weight.. Sometimes I think I'd like to lose even 12 more pounds than that if they don't mind me doing so.. but, I don't want that added weight loss to be set as my goal weight... not now anyhow.. Maybe if, and when I'd reach it, then that might just make me change my mind.. I will have to wait and see... I've got a ways to go before I have to start thinking about that I guess..

    Have a wonderful day and great weekend!



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