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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Top 10...

My top 10 reason for losing weight.

1. To live a long and healthy life.
2. To be able to enjoy my grandchildren (if and when I get some..LOL)
3. To be able to wear more stylish clothes and look marvelous in them daaaaling.
4. To keep my cholesterol under control.
5. To be an example to my kids.
6. To know that I have accomplished something very important!!
7. To feel sexier!!!
8. To have more energy.
9. To love how I look in the mirror. (with or without clothes...tee hee hee)
10. To lessen the pain of Fibromyalgia
11. To have my skinny jeans fit again.
12. To feel in control of myself.
13. To feel great pride in myself.
14. To inspire others to lose weight

Oops, Sorry,  I know I said top 10 but I got on a roll...LOL

Now let's hear your top 10 reasons. 

Today's Quote: 
 "Cut the "im" out of impossible, leaving that dynamic word standing out free and clear-possible."

Now, let's make our top 10 possible!!!!!!!!!!!   We can do it!!


  1. I would make a top ten list but I think you nailed them all in yours, and then some. :o)

  2. LOL...You are probably right...I thought men might have a few different ones though. :)


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