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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh Weekend How I Love Thee So!!

The weekend is here...my favorite time of the week!! I really have to watch myself though as I don't want to spoil all my great efforts during the week on mindless eating these 2 days. They are just days like the rest of the week and I still have to plan my meals, write every point down, drink lots of water and get some great exercise in. I will keep in mind that my weigh in is only 3 days away. (Tuesday)
How about you all...do you have a plan to get through the weekend? 
Please share.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!
Kathy-Lifetime Member


          Quote for the weekend:
"Say yes to the skinny jeans
by saying NO to the donuts"


  1. I used to think that I was doing myself a favor by staying home on the weekends. I used to think that it was a deserved break from my busy work life. Now I realize that busy weekends are better for me. I'm not talking about planning out every single second; I like some down time. But down time for me used to be grazing time. I would eat just as many mindless calories during down time as I did during planned meals. Now I go for walks, spend time with family and friends and run errands to fill up the day! I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. This weight loss journey...it is a learning and transisional time for all of us. It is always great to hear how people have tweeked it to work for them. Good for you. I do the same on the weekend! I sit down first thing Saturday morning and plan my meals around the awesome dinner I have planned. We are having Filet minon tonight with baked potato, broccoli and mixed fruit for dessert and all the points are counted and I just eat lighter during the day. Have a great weekend too and I hope you come out of it a loser!!!! (of course I mean that in the most endearing way)

  3. I still try and stick to plan even on the weekends, but if there is something like my husband and I want to go out and eat, then we do it. I still walk on saturday but take Sunday off cuz I like a long afternoon nap!! LOL



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