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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scary day at work.

There was a big layoff at my work today.  12 people in all.  I hate layoff days...have been through so many of them over the years.  Lucily I was never layed off but it sucks seeing people you have worked with for years just walked out the door.  You don't even get to say goodbye most of the time. 
It was an emotionally upsetting day but I am not going to turn to food for comfort.  I think I will go to bed and snuggle up to my hubby where I feel safe and warm and secure.  Tomorrow is another day!! 
Was great on plan all day and feeling better because of the execise.  Did 30 mins of brisk walking today.  Might hit the nordictrack tomorrow. 
Night all!


  1. I love a Nordic Track. Those are such a wonderful, low-impact workout. I would love to have one. Space is my problem. I love my Step Aerobics and Jazzercise but the Nordic Track while watching TV to pass the time is such a great workout. Keep up the good work. I know it's a battle; I can tell from your posts but you have done it before so it's there inside of you. Dig down and get it.

  2. Thank you for the kind words :)

    My hubby has the same issues at his work, we have been so blessed to have made it so many years and he hasn't been laid off!

    Karla @ Daily thoughts


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