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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful Weather for the whole weekend!!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!  Here in NH the temps will be pushing 60ish.  Gonna try and be outside as much as possible.  Definitely gonna be riding my Vicky (bike). Looking forward to hearing the peepers tonight while sitting by a nice cosy campfire.
What plans do you all have for the weekend that will help you towards your weight loss goals??


  1. Hope your good weather continued. I have been off the blogs for a while so it is fun to come back and hear what everyone is doing for spring! Spring here in North Dakota was put on hold as of today when we decided to have a blizzard with up to 2 feet of wet heavy snow. Barring heart attacks, at least ND will all be getting more fit as we shovel this soupy snow!

  2. Wow andi, that's alot of snow!!! I hope it's not heading our way in NH!! Good to have you back!


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