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Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's your process?

The process of losing weight is hard but if you truly desire it then you must accept the fact that it does take time and energy. You have to change your schedule to make it work for you...when you make up your mind to this it will become easier for you.

 What is part of your weight loss process that has been successful for you in the past and what are you going to do to get back to that process if you truly wish to commit yourself to losing weight? Please post yours even if they are similar to mine. That way you become accountable. Tee hee hee
Here are some of mine:

-weighing myself regularly (every day for me)
-commit to follow a consistant exercise routine!
-drink a ton of water everyday
-evaluate what I eat (low on carbs and fats, high on protein and fiber)
-incorporate fruits, veggies and lean proteins with every meal
-aim for 35-40 grams of fiber everyday
-stop late night bingeing!!!!!!!!!!!
-no eating in between meals...no skipping meals!!!!
-avoid artificial sweeteners.
-take frequent breaks at work or while watching tv to get up and move your body and burn bonus calories.

quote for today~ "A set back is only a set up for a comeback!!!
Today is a new day with new choices!! Here's to an awesome comeback to all of us in this new year!!! Hugs!!!

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